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With heartfelt jubilation I proudly announce that my little baby boy has completed two months. It’s a joyous moment for me as a mom. As it goes without saying that the love that I hold for my baby is immense and the time I have spent with him is priceless.. IMG_5285

These two months have been a roller coaster ride. From delivery to holding this precious little bugger for the first time to growing up with him. I truly cherish each and every moment. My husband and I have learnt a lot in these two months. Like all new parents we were too scared about hows and whats of parenting but now we have realized that it is all a learning process. By spending more and more time with our baby we have grown to be less scared and more happy. Though there are times when we are sleep-deprived and those…

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Angels do Exist!


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By: Mary A. Kirby Guardian_Angel_1900-wiki-public 2

Some people believe in angels. I certainly do!

Throughout my life, especially in trying times, I’ve never ceased to feel the hand of an angel in mine. One angel, in particular, has guarded me ever since childhood.

I’ve not only felt her hand, but I’ve also seen her face. A natural beauty, her energy radiates with a timeless wisdom and deep compassion for mankind. Her traits have grown more prominent over the years.

She’s not only my guardian angel, but she’s been there for my family as well—ever since we lived in Saigon, Vietnam. There were eleven of us at the time. My father was English. My mother was Vietnamese. Like my mother, our guardian angel looked and sounded every bit Asian.

Our Family Guardian

As a child, I’ve sometimes wandered off by myself. I enjoyed being with my family and friends, but there were times when solitude was my preferred companion. No doubt, my guardian angel knew this. In times when I quietly snuck off, she searched for me to ensure I was somewhere safe. In family outings, I often felt her hand slipped gently and securely into mine the minute I stepped out the door. Her other hand was also with one of my younger brothers. Whenever my parents needed her, she was by their sides as well.

I don’t how she managed to always be there whenever we needed her. I guess when you have big and strong wings, it’s no big deal.

Vietnam War

In 1975, I was nine years old. I was too young to know much about the Vietnam War that transpired at the time. My experiences were limited to bombs and evacuations. They stemmed from nights when my parents woke everyone up and hustled us all downstairs.

We laid quietly in the dark, as we hugged the concrete floor. Bombs thundered off—one after the next. One of those bombs could’ve obliterated our home and we’d all die. God, I was terrified! It was only when I felt the presence of my angel that my fear dissipated. She appeared next to me and secured my hand in hers. Right then, I knew that whatever happens…wherever the universe plans to take us…everything would still be okay.

I felt her love and it was a lot more powerful than my fear.

That was when I learned that love alone can help me feel protected and safe, even when I’m in a war zone.

Last Day in Vietnam

My last morning in Vietnam was spent in class. After a quiet night, the bombs went off again and triggered the school sirens. This led to student evacuations that formed into crowds. Panic developed in and around the schoolyard. I remained, however, calm as I waited patiently at a distance for whatever may happen next. I knew my angel would find me somehow and escort me home.

Sure enough, she did.

From our guardian angel, I also learned to trust in the Universe.

The Escape

It was our angel who prompted my parents to leave Vietnam, the minute everyone made it home safe. It turned out this was the day before Saigon–the capital of Vietnam–collapsed under the communist regime. Had we not left when we did, we would have likely met our demise. Many foreigners and their families did.

My family raced to the airport. We left everything behind. There was no time to grab anything other than each other. That was all we needed anyway.

It was fly or die at the airport. Gridlocked shoulder-to-shoulder, thousands ventured to escape. Short of being trampled on, I separated from my family. In the shuffle, I saw a sea of faces, but none that I was accustomed to.

I knew there was only one thing left for me to do: I extended my hand and waited.

Sure enough…

Before long, I felt her hand… clutched tightly to mine.

Thanks to our guardian angel, my family flew safely out of Vietnam, and with everyone onboard.

Life in the USA

It has been four decades since my family left Vietnam. The United States gave us a second chance at life. My parents were extremely grateful. They’ve often told us not to take our new homeland for granted. They were big on volunteering for community service. It was their way of reciprocating.

My mother and father crossed over three decades ago. My older brother, Bill, joined them in 2009. Life goes on and seasons change. However, our guardian angel remains by our sides. Even today, she continues to work her magic and protects us as best as she can.

Everyday, I’m reminded of how blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Our guardian angel is named Ngoc and she is also my big sister.

Mary A. Kirby
MaryKI am an avid student of life. I am constantly exploring ways to expand my comfort zone. I also strive to embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth. My passions include spending time with my family, meditating, writing, and learning new technology.

My Companion “Change”


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By: Mary A. Kirby

Monarch Caterpillar in cocoonChange and I have become very close; so close that I no longer imagine life without him. I lose myself in his embrace now and then. At times, we’re deeply intimate, more than I care to be with anyone. Change has heard me cry, beg, negotiate and even curse. He’s seen me at my best and, shamefully, at my worst.

Most people don’t like Change. To them, he’s nothing but trouble. He crashes parties and flees with their loved ones, jobs and valuables—many of which never to be seen or recovered again. Rumor has it that Change is out to ruin lives, but I think he’s just misunderstood.

Change shows up uninvited, it’s true, but he’s always there to fulfill a need. When someone is ready to move on from a relationship or a job, Change delivers new opportunities. He makes it possible for current and new residents to leave or enter the world. Change also loves to throw people out of their comfort zones! It’s his way of encouraging growth. He never gives up on anyone, which is why he persists when we resist.

Regardless of how we may feel about Change, one thing is for sure: Without him, life would be one-dimensional. Would there even be life? We would not have four seasons; at best, one. Change also makes it possible for other events to occur, such as the cycle of life, progress, hope, and second chances.

Sometimes Change makes me nervous, I admit. Often, it’s due to my own insecurities. However, when I look deep into his eyes, I see his children and their children and how much joy they bring into the world. I am then reminded that great wonders can emerge from Change, just as a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly.

The world needs Change more than we know.